Gender blender

The next S.A.T. Mix_Sessions is Fashion Session, featuring Trannie Tronic, pop disco diva extraordinaire. Her nine genre-and gender-defying pieces are going to be thrown into the mix, along with VJing by les Crazy Tapis, spinning and live music with the Musique Nordique DJ team of Quebec Connection and le Monochrome. Trannie has a couple of duets planned with local folk artist Jordi Rosen and Cabaret Mado performer Billy Boy.

'We’ll get Jordi all dressed up in something outrageous, hopefully,' says Tronic. 'I may wear a wedding dress again this time' 'and Mr. Harper can kiss my trannie ass!' That’s tonight, Thursday, Feb. 2, 6-11 p.m. at the S.A.T. (1175 St-Laurent), free.
Vincent Tinguely

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