(Distributed by Fusion3) 2005

Sweet Bits is an excellent follow-up to the critically acclaimed Sawdust Sinedust Squaredust (1999) and to the material David has licensed to Toronto’s Suction Records for their Snow Robots compilations. Selected by David Kristian and DJ Mini, the 13 tracks on the album contain just the right blend of skittering rhythms, subsonic basses, and heartwarming melodies to make you forget all your troubles.
David Kristian - Clothespin



(Distributed by Noise Factory) 2004

A delicate mix of electronic and indie influences prevail through the epic trilogy of AVM and the scandinavian inspirations of Le Monochrome. Available in stores or through Paypal.

MP3 :
AVM - Smarter than myself (5:49)
Le Monochrome - Katja Ln (2:25)

V/A - MONOKINI (A tribute to 60s frenchpop)

(Distributed by Fusion3) 2001

This 2001 compilation have indie artists from Brazil, Germany, USA, France and Canada paying tribute to sixties frenchpop with covers of Serge Gainsbourg, Francoise Hardy, Jacques Dutronc and more. An ideal party mix, this compilation wraps indiepop, electronic and garage in a touch of french cool. Available through Paypal.

CDr, mini-cd or MP3

Le Monochrome MP3s & discography

Le Monochrome 3'' cdr EP (mono-14)

This 3"cdr is reviewed by Vital Weekly
(March 2005)

More Monochrome projets & archives


- About Monochrome.ca (label history)

- Improv Avantgarde collective Zone Grise. MP3 compilation available.

- NETLABEL : www.musiquenordique.ca - MP3s de Millimetrik, Galerie Stratique, Chernobyl Cha Cha, Quebec Connection, Gentle Bakemono (David Kristian) & Le Monochrome!


Radio show
Weekly (June 2007- June 2008)
Musique Nordique
, the electronic music radio show at CIBL 101,5FM!
Check my playlists : http://www.musiquenordique.ca/playlists

October 2007 - Projects from the Fabrique Numérique are presented at Festival Nouveau Cinéma de Montréal (FCMM 2007). 'Road Trip', Zone Grise's project, is one of the projects displayed on a giant circular screen.


December 28 2006 + January 4, 2007 - 2 extra editions of Musique Nordique, the electronic music radio show at CIBL 101,5FM!
Check my playlists : www.myspace.com/musiquenordique

July - Fabrique Numerique @SAT w/Zone Grise (Final Project Presentation)
Article in e-newspaper 'Lien Multimedia' (French only)

Weekly between March and September
- Musique Nordique, the thursday electronic music radio show at CIBL 101,5FM! 24 editions of the show broadcasted!
Check my playlists : www.myspace.com/musiquenordique
February 15 - Fabrique Numerique @SAT w/Zone Grise (Project Presentation)

February 2 - Musique Nordique 4 - Mix Sessions DJ SET (setlist) (eflyer) (press!)

January 2006 - Fabrique Numerique @SAT w/ zonegrise.org (Surround Audiovisual Residency)


POST-AUDIO NETLAB - Sylvain Aube and 10 other audio artists has provided a series of samples for the Post-Audio website and installation, by Gennaro de Pasquale, which have been seen in the following festivals:
FESTIVAL OBSERVATORI, Valence, Spain, 4-6 november 2005
FILE, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 31 october - 20 november 2005
DIGIFEST, Toronto, Canada, may 2005
EMAF - European Media Art Festival, Onasbrück, Germany, april 2005
iDMAa - International Digital Media Arts Association, Orlando, USA, march 2005

Recent shows & DJ performances

October 13th, 2005
- www.musiquenordique.ca Net-label launch!
Musique Nordique #3 (DJ Set / Mix_Sessions @ SAT )
Broadcasted live on 101,5FM between 8pm-9h30pm [setlist]

October 11th
- Interfaces Montreal @ SAT (DJ set/Corporate event)

Needle Landscape (CD Launch) + Zone Grise live
August 21st (Hemisphere Gauche)

(DJ Set) @ 'French Revolution' - July 14th, 2005
@SAT MixSessions DJ SET w/ Quebec Connection [flyer] (Musique Nordique #2)

Zone Grise @ Suoni per il Popolo (Casa)- June 22nd [flyer]

Le Monochrome - June 17th live@Peace, Love, Unity and Happiness w/Pheek, Motus 3F and guests [flyer]

Zone Grise @ Agora Festif - May 21st - Cegep Rosemont's Arena

Le Monochrome - Opening for DAT Politics (w/Intercom + guests) , Friday May 13th - Toc Toc (6091 Parc) [flyer] [photo1] [photo2]

Zone Grise - April 24th, 2005 - 21h @Hemisphère Gauche w/Minibloc, Martin Tétrault [flyer]

(DJ Set) @ 'Musique Nordique #1' - March 17th, 2005@SAT - Mix Sessions w/ Quebec Connection . Visuals by Drone [flyer] [setlist]

David Kristian's Sweet Bits Launch Mini-tour
Toronto - Feb.24, 2005 @ Nasa Pub (Dialectro nights)
w/David Kristian, Quebec Connection & Gentle Bakemono
Quebec- Feb. 18, 2005
@ Rouje
w/ David Kristian & Quebec Connection
Montreal - Jan. 27, 2005
@ Casa
w/ David Kristian, DJ Montag & live visuals by Drone

January 5, 2005 -
Zone Grise @ Casa
improv night with live visuals by Drone [flyer]

December 2, 2004
Postaudio (Net-art launch) Le Monochrome w/Mossa, Tsalal, Sylvie Chénard & Alexis O'Hara

Nov. 27, 2004
Bal Moderne (DJ set- contemporary dance event) @Station C - 9pm

Oct. 24, 2004 Scopetrack (@Station C) - Video event - live improv

Oct. 13, 2004 NoMusic.org Arena - Web performance

July 31, 2004 - Razzmatazz @Missy Bar (live) Le Monochrome w/Under Electric Light

June 25, 2004
- Mix Sessions @ SAT (DJ Set)

May 5, 2004
- CD Launch (Mono12) @ SAT (live)
Le Monochrome w/ A Vertical Mosaic and live visuals
Mention in an AVM feature - Montreal Mirror (2004-03-25)

April 15, 2004
- Anyware - (Live improv) - w/ [sic], Tomas Phillips, tobias c. van veen & Physical Noise Theater (PNT)

April 7, 2004
- Mix Sessions @ SAT (DJ Set)

December 5, 2003 - Zone Grise launch @ SAT - live performances with 8 members collective

July 20, 2003 - Maquinn Media (Ali Rahman, Sylvain, Carlos) opening for Cosmos Quazar (Jupiter Room)

31 Octobre 2002 - Le Monochrome Halloween Loft Party w/A Vertical Mosaic, Aids Wolf

(Old History: pre-2002 Shows Archive)

- Le Monochrome uses Plogue Bidule software for live performances